Free Business Advice

Advice to help you grow and prosper.

Through an arrangement with Business Station Inc.Corporate Supremacy is able to provide free advice and guidance to intending, start-up and existing businesses to help them manage and grow their business.

This involves either a one-on-one advisory session or a small group workshop provided under the Small Business Development Corporation’s Business Local Program which is available during and after hours.

Corporate Supremacy provides advice in the following areas:

General Business Advice – This is a general overview of the issues you will need to consider when starting a business and ongoing management. Areas covered include business planning, licences and approvals, property leasing, compliance, financing, grant funding, structures, getting paid and importing/exporting.

Tender and Grant Writing – This provides a general overview of where to find tender and grant opportunities, types of tenders and grants, how to write a complying tender and grant application, matters you would need to address in a tender or grant application, pricing/estimating and how tenders and grants are assessed. Tenders and Grants are dealt with in separate sessions.

Management Systems – This session provides an overview of how good systems and procedures can improve business performance and assist with wining tenders or general business development. It will also touch of the ISO certification process. Systems discussed include Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management together with governance, risk and compliance, internal controls, information management and security and human resource management.

At the conclusion of each session participants will be presented with an Action Plan to assist them implement the issues discussed and advice provided.

Participants will be required to complete and sign a Client Contact Form and sign a copy of the Action Plan(s).  These are not contracts and there is no cost for or commitment required from documents.

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Our Vision - To be a leading consultancy providing services that help organisations become more successful.
Our Vision - To be a leading consultancy providing services that help organisations achieve success.