“Thanks so much for all your wonderful help David! We would recommend you to other organisations as well – you have done a fantastic job here. Thank you again.” A Disability Service Provider

“Thank you again for your help over the past several weeks.  You have been a great help to our department.” A WA State Government Department

Thank you for your diligent and insightful work on this project – as we said at the outset, it was always going to be a challenge given the nature of the product and that the project is pioneering.  I am proud of the response received from staff and this is in no small way reflective of the considered strategies you employed to achieve that positive engagement.  The report challenges the organisation – as it should – but also provides acknowledgement of the many significant accomplishments across the organisation.  This is a best practice product and in my understanding a milestone achievement in Local Government in WA. Thank you David – job well done.”
A WA Local Government.

Many thanks for your contribution to the team.  Great job fixing up the KPI muddle and helping with other projects.”
– A WA State Government Department.

“Thank you for a comprehensive and accurate summation and appraisal of the performance review process. In my view it reflects a precise and detailed record of the process, composition and conclusions reached in the recent post-employment review. This level of detail and the overall process was important for our organisation having never undertaken such a review in the past. Along with the Strategic Plan (which you prepared) and upcoming staff/JDF reviews (which you are working on), the report will serve the organisation going forward in what I would call a ‘modernisation phase’ of the organisation. On behalf of the Board I thank you for such a precise overview and report that reflected the professional and detailed work you have undertaken to draw the matter to a successful and fruitful conclusion.”
A not-for-profit membership based organisation.

“As you will recall we were invited to make what culminated in the second and last deputation to Wanneroo Council in order to get authorisation to lease areas of parkland and lake in the City. We were congratulated by our own submissions which included verbal advice and feedback from yourself, but most notably we were congratulated by senior members of the council for our “Expression of Interest” submission that was compiled and completed by yourself. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work and believe that we would not have had such an outstanding success if it was not for your sterling work. Thank you very much for your assistance in our project.”
A start-up business.

“I wish to express my thanks to David Ashton for his excellent advice re managerial matters and tendering advice. He quickly saw the need and issues as well as provided concrete action plans very relevant to my industry.

I wish to also say that I am very impressed with the professional standard of advice and if I did not have that advice my healthcare service focusing on dementia care would have had difficulty moving forward and expanding to the needs of the clients.”
– A health services business.

“These are lengthy and comprehensive procedures (which) are well written and easy enough to understand and I commend whoever produced them.”
A publicly listed company involved in manufacturing and construction.

Here is some positive feedback received from clients attending the one-on-one advisory sessions and workshops delivered on behalf of Business Station:

“David Ashton provided sound advice in a clear concise and easily understood manner on IT and computer management requirements. This information has enabled me to provide a sound and safe basis for ensuring privacy for my IT and computer procedures in my businesses.”

“My session with David was fantastic … It was highly relevant to our business at this point and allows us to move forward with our proposal.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Tender writing with me. I learnt so much in such a short space of time.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your time and the valuable information you provided to me.”

“I found you very helpful and understanding…”

“Thank you for the appointment … regarding our business we both found it helpful…”

“Just a note to thank you for the phone appointment with David Ashton and also to mention I found him very helpful!!! His assistance was greatly appreciated, thank you!”

“David is very knowledgeable and helpful, we are fortunate to have him on the Business Station team.”

“Thank you for your presentation last night …  It was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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