Case Study One


This organisation wanted better management of its air-conditioning systems in terms of operation, maintenance and cost in all its supermarkets.  It was also not complying with its leases in relation to air-conditioning maintenance requirements.

Work Undertaken

Having organised a technical review of each store air-conditioning system I developed and implemented an air-conditioning maintenance strategy which was designed to better manage air-conditioners in supermarkets ensuring regular maintenance and reducing costs of repair and replacement of parts.


This strategy set out standards that ensured appropriate temperatures in the stores were maintained, a regular preventive maintenance program and KPIs for all onsite call outs leading to better cost management and lease compliance.

Case Study Two


A group of property owners engaged us to assist them to understand what they could and could not do with land they owned in the north eastern suburbs of Perth and the process to give effect to any changes they determined to pursue. In particular they wanted to know details as to:

  • Current zoning;
  • Possible uses for the land;
  • Plans of the local government or Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) that may impact the land; and
  • Process for making any changes to the land zoning.
Work Undertaken

To assist in determining the answers to the above questions we researched the current status of the land by obtaining information from the:

  • Local Government’s website;
  • Local Government’s Local Planning Scheme;
  • Local Government’s – Townsite and Rural Strategy; and
  • Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) website.

David Ashton organised a meeting with the local government where the above-mentioned questions were put to the town planner.  Further discussions were held with a representative of the WAPC.

Following this research a detailed report was prepared which answered the above questions.   This was presented to the owners together with copies of relevant documentation obtained from the local government and WAPC.


The Owners had a report containing information to assist them to make informed decisions with regard to possible uses of their land and how they could maximise their return on investment.

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