Community and Stakeholder Engagement

community engagementThrough our networks, and experience in community consultation, engagement and working with community organisation we are able to assist organisations better engage with government or the communities in which they operate.

Our services extend to:

  • Informing the community and industry of policy directions of the government
  • Consulting the community and industry as part of a process to develop government policy, or build community awareness and understanding
  • Involving the community and industry through a range of mechanisms to ensure that issues and concerns are understood and considered as part of the government decision-making process
  • Collaborating with the community and industry by developing partnerships to formulate options and provide recommendations
  • Empowering the community and industry to make decisions and to implement and manage change
  • Engaging with government on behalf of the community and industry groups and organisations
  • Organising small-medium scale cultural events.

Our services also extend to Aboriginal engagement through the review and / or development and implementation of Reconciliation Action Plans and undertaking audits into the appropriateness and accessibility of services and facilities for Aboriginal people.

We design and deliver tailored engagement strategies to build understanding, create local ownership and to inform decision making with the right mix of techniques to bring people together and create the right environment for engagement that is open, transparent and effective.

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