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Business StationBespoke Business Advice to help you Grow and Prosper

We are aligned with Business Station Inc to provide no/low cost advice and guidance to intending, start-up and existing businesses to help them manage and grow their business. 

Through the Australian Small Business Advisory Service the first interaction with the ASBAS Digital Solutions service will be free. Small business operators who continue with the program can access subsidised one-on-one consultations with digital experts from just $44 inc GST, plus a huge range of subsidised workshops and webinars.

Corporate Supremacy consultants can provide advice and guidance on:

  • Accessing Government and Industry Tender Opportunities;
  • Accessing Government and Industry Business Grants and Assistance;
  • General Business Advice – Start up, Manage and Grow;
  • Business and Strategic Planning;
  • Workplace Safety and Health Management Systems;
  • Asset Management Systems;
  • Quality Management Systems;
  • Environmental Management Systems;
  • Information Security Management Systems;
  • Business Continuity Management Systems;
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management; and
  • Succession Planning.

The advice provided is designed to assist businesses better manage and protect their assets, access government and other tender and grant opportunities and improve overall business performance.

Attendees will depart the workshop, webinar or advisory session with knowledge and tools to undertake the steps necessary to ensure business and organisational improvement.

To take advantage of this offer your business must:

  • Have a registered ABN;
  • Be in Western Australia, Northern Territory or Queensland;
  • Not have more than 19 staff; and
  • Not be a not-for-profit.

You must meet with us either in person, telephone or video conference. To make a booking:

  • Register via the Business Station website and complete the Customer Needs Analysis  (allow about 5 mins to complete);
  • Select a topic;
  • Select your advisor (David Ashton); and
  • Access up to 24hrs of consults.

We work at your level and pace, so you get everything you need to build your skills set. Take advantage of this opportunity to book us for a fraction of our usual fee. Book multiple sessions to get everything you need or book other Business Station experts.

To access the small group workshops and webinars visit this page.

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