Business Management Systems (HSEQ)

Through our extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management systems we can assist clients to re-engineer their organisations to:

Business Management Systems - HSEQ

  • Improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Deliver improved customer service
  • Improve overall financial performance
  • Provide for a safe working environment
  • Filfull statutory and contractual compliance
  • Satsify Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) requirements and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We work with clients to address a variety of management system issues depending on their specific needs and can provide the following process re-engineering services:

  • Day-to-day management of HSEQ functions, statutory compliance, investigations, reporting, coordinating HSEQ committee meetings, advice and guidance (i.e. act as your HSEQ Manager)
  • Auditing, reviewing and re-writing of existing documentation and manuals
  • Act as the company internal auditor
  • Setup of an integrated HSEQ management system or individual component
  • Development and implementation of a project management methodology
  • Development and implementation of a human resource management strategy
  • Policies and procedures development and implementation
  • Development of forms, templates and tools
  • Change management to effectively implement the system throughout the organisation
  • Developing and implementing recordkeeping (paper and electronic) policies and procedures to ensure organisations have in place a planned, systematic and strategic approach to the retention, storage, access, use, security and disposal of paper and electronic records and documents
  • Ongoing management review, continuous improvement and internal auditing.

Whether official ISO accreditation is being sought, ISO accreditation is being maintained or simply improving internal operations, Corporate Supremacy will assist client’s to meet the ISO standards of service quality, operational efficiency, work place safety, improved environmental performance and statutory and contractual compliance.

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