The Include Program

The Include Program

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Statistics show that about one in five Australians is affected by a temporary or permanent disability. This could be intellectual, physical, sensory, brain injury or psychiatric.

Anybody can be affected at any time – including your existing employees.

“The Include Program” has been developed to provide a practical, tailored solution to address the challenges of managing a diverse workplace.

What We Do

Through this program we help clients:

  • Develop and implement effective stakeholder engagement processes including with disability employment and other service providers
  • Review human resource management policies and procedures relating to employing and managing people with disability; and redesign them if required
  • Review other organisational policies and procedures to identify biases and other discriminatory practices; and redesign them if required
  • Provide training to address staff knowledge gaps, biases and possible misconceptions in working alongside and/or supervising people with disability
  • Establish and manage workplace Disability Access Advisory committees
  • Review and/or develop Disability Access and Inclusion Plans
  • Identify external sources of disability funding and prepare associated applications
  • Undertake studies into disability related services and programs (e.g. NDIS opportunities) that can be accessed.

Benefits of What We Do

The benefits of our services are:

  • Increased employee retention and productivity
  • Facilitation of access to external funding for relevant disability support
  • Contribution to the achievement of corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Compliance with current legal obligations and assist in avoiding discrimination and workplace litigation issues
  • Potential expansion of client base through increased organisational disability competence creating access to services and products by people with disability.

Although our particular focus is on disability services, the program can effectively be provided across any marker of disadvantage (e.g. cultural, age).

Key Personnel

Our team comprises:

Zel Iscel who is a specialist Disability Support Advisor, Auditor and Trainer.  Zel works throughout Australia in all aspects of the NDIS, disability support and advice.  Blind from birth, Zel has first-hand understanding of the challenges involved and is an amazing role model with enviable achievements both personally and professionally.

Julie Richardson who has over 30 years’ experience in human resource management, business management and training, strategic and organisational reviews.

David Ashton is a specialist in organisational management, strategy and growth.  He has significant experience in business and strategic planning together with organisational management and policy review, development and implementation.

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